Designed men’s hoodies for an ultra-unique underground look. A vast selection of black man hoodies with zipper details, non-functional back zippers, big pockets, leather parts, and other unique details.

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Black cotton hoodie designed with vegan leather stripes.

Haze Hoodie

Black cotton hoodie designed with vegan leather stripes for alternative fashion style lovers

Zola Hoodie


Berlin Beauty Cardigan

145.00 118.00

Code Black Vest

115.00 90.00

Purge Hoodie

115.00 90.00
Unique dystopian black hoodie made out of 2 different cotton fabric, designed with fake leather.

Mortal Hoodie

99.00 78.00
Wide and long man poncho designed with leather square stripes along the shoulders and half hand

Venom Poncho

125.00 105.00
Black zipper hoodie/pullover made from 2 different cotton fabrics. It's half zipper hoodie, with 2 full arm zippers that you can open if you want more crazy look, designed with leather stripes

DeepZip Hoodie

109.00 85.00
High neck hoodie designed with 2 quarter zipper, which is with lining so to look nice if you decide to wear it open

Bolt Hoodie

99.00 84.00
Men black hoodie made from quality cotton fleece fabric, Very soft from inside and wearable in every season. Designed with silver zippers and vegan eco leather.