Get style-savvy jackets for women designed by Kali Rose! From black and leather to silver and metallic, we have a wide range of futuristic designs for a badass look!

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Rage Jacket

one layered thick women jacket with 2 pockets, long torso fit, finger holes, high neck.

Collar Jacket

95.00 76.00
Dark Golden short women jacket. one layered thin jacket made of vegan eco leather pieces and golden zippers. 2 pockets on the front.

Mechanic Jacket l

110.00 79.00
High neck thin jacket, made from 2 different types of cotton, designed with fake leather. Two pockets on the side.

Arch Jacket

109.00 85.00
Dark Gray designed pattern short jacket. Thick one layer soft cotton, designed with fake leather stripes. No lining. High neck silver zipper, finger holes.
Black short jacket designed with fake leather. With lining.

Virus Jacket

129.00 95.00

Murder Bull

Women jacket designed with faux leather and lining. No pockets. Its fashion-forward look and alternative style help women stand out.

Kendra Jacket

Black and silver cyberpunk jacket from Cotton lycra, fake leather and silver sleeves made of polyester fabric.

Data Jacket


Worship Coat


Erectus Coat

Black denim jacket designed with faux leather details. No pockets. With lining. Perfect for lovers of the following styles: alternative, futuristic, apocalyptic, cyberpunk, postapocalyptic

Alexa Jacket

black and silver futuristic jacket with lining, 2 pockets and high zipper

Alter Jacket

195.00 150.00
Black long women coat made of quality felt fabric

Fabrica Coat

Black woman coat made of quality blend wool felt designed with faux leather, with lining. No pockets as it’s slim fit coat. Matches best with alternative, futuristic and asymmetric fashion styles.

Jagger Coat